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EFS Sri Lanka has established a strong reputation for reliability and excellence across various industry verticals.

Our primary aim is to maximise the benefits of facility management services for our clients. We approach every service with a strategic and customer-centric mindset, providing an enhanced experience. Our team of experts possesses exceptional skills to fulfil all client demands.

At EFS Sri Lanka, we prioritise community building, cost reduction, and asset longevity. Our commitment to delivering sustainable services that offer significant cost savings and measurable results sets us apart.

We align our efforts with client business objectives to drive the desired outcomes. EFS Sri Lanka currently offers 75 service lines across 15 business verticals, spanning multiple business sectors under one reputable name.

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Facility Management Services

EFS Sri Lanka offers integrated facility management services to fulfil diverse business needs and help achieve desired results aligned with your objectives. We cover multiple service segments across different business sectors and verticals, providing a convenient one-stop solution for all your business needs.

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Technical Operations & Maintenance

Our technical operations and maintenance services and engineering consultancy cater to enterprises of all scales. We approach these services with a technical mindset, aiming to deliver the desired outcomes as specified by our clients.

From fleet management to quality assurance, we help clients streamline operations and achieve long-term cost savings..

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Soft Services

EFS Sri Lanka offers extensive soft services across diverse business sectors and verticals in facilities management. Our specialised team excels in soft services, ensuring excellence and proficiency.

Whether it’s commercial, residential, or corporate clients, we cater to their needs with efficiency and expertise. Our consistent quality service delivery has secured long-term contracts with renowned companies and prestigious projects.

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FM Consultancy and Advisory Services

We assist private and public enterprises realise their business potential and guiding them towards becoming successful companies. Our FM consultancy and advisory services in Sri Lanka help businesses plan, design, develop, and execute effective business development and project management strategies.

The experts at EFS Sri Lanka address issues that hinder the achievement of business objectives, and our top-tier clients trust our analytical skills and industry experience to create a roadmap for their improvement.

We listen attentively and provide thoughtful advice.

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Project Management and Support Services

Our project management and support services in Sri Lanka are specialised initiatives aimed at facilitating the framework and processes of small to large enterprises in an organised and timely manner. We cater to the needs of private and public sector organisations, ensuring compliance with health, safety, and quality regulations.

EFS Sri Lanka assigns capable experts who emphasise performance management to handle project requirements. Our diverse industry experience makes us excel in initiating, developing, managing, and successfully completing projects across various verticals.

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EFS Sri Lanka offers a comprehensive range of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & control, and communication services.

We provide support and solutions in mechanical disciplines for various industries, offering a complete range of designs and solutions for power transmission and distribution (T&D) and metering segments.

Additionally, EFS Sri Lanka excels in providing top-notch maintenance services for industries of all sizes and types.

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