Project Management And Support

Sustainable and Effective Target Achievement

We offer a full spectrum of project management and support services to sustain the frameworks, and processes of the projects. We are recommended as one of the top companies to handle your projects from initiation through closing up.

EFS Sri Lanka service of integrated project management and support system is a specialized service initiated to custom cater to the project management needs of different businesses sectors and verticals. The purpose of EFS Sri Lanka project management and support services is to help enterprises grow and cater to the organizational needs of the established business in a timely manner.

We as experts address, advise and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations related to building health, safety, and quality.

We achieve the targeted goals with utter efficiency and share valuable insights into your business. Our project management and support services are evidently acquired by the real estate and finance industry among other verticals.

We assign experts that understand your business objects and goals for the initiation, planning execution, and control of the circumstances of the project management. Throughout our tenure, we believe in transparency and the improvement of the existing situation.

We have determined a team that works for the sole purpose of results. Some of the project management domains that advocates for our expertise include:

  • Conditional Audits
  • Liability Management
  • 3rd Party Testing
  • Analyzing Space Management
  • Building Handover Process
  • Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Projects
  • Fit-out Management, Energy
  • Environment Management
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Real Estate Management
  • Property and Hospitality Support Services

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